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  • why is radio less reliable on

    Again this week, each of my 3 squeezebox radios have gotten flakey with Two are hard wired, one wireless. All three in diagnostics look fine- ping to msb is OK- but I can't access favorites or play a stream. This happened Friday around 3PM PDT and lasted all afternoon. I checked my boom's- both played fine. The only way to get my radios back was to switch to squeezebox server- and I hate to leave a 100 watt PC running.

    Anyone else having recent problems, or can venture a guess as to why just the radio's have so much trouble with

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    >I hate to leave a 100 watt PC running<

    Have you looked at enabling Wake on LAN (WOL) functionality in the BIOS?


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      Am I missing something here? I thought I needed my pc on to access internet radio. I'm also having problems with stations being 'flakey'. I can't listen to LBC without the broadcast re-buffering every couple of seconds. Can't be my router, as it has always been ok in the past.


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        You are missing something, Rob.

        Squeezeboxes can work to a local server you have installed on a computer on your local network, or to Logitech's server on the internet at

        There is a Squeezebox menu item to switch between them.

        One you register with you can save favourites. Of course you cannot play music ripped to you local server.

        I have Boom in my conservatory which I almost always use for BBC Radio 4 - I leave the boom working via Why don't I just use an FM Radio? Because I am in Cyprus and Internet Radio is the easiest way to get UK domestic radio.

        In UK: rPi4 running LMS, Chromecast Audio Dongle and Chromecast Video Dongle attached to TV - Beresford DAC - Quad 77 Integrated Amp - AVI Neutron 4 Speakers - Sennheiser HD25 Headphones. Boom in Bedroom.

        In Nicosia: LMS running on a small form factor Windows PC, Beresford DAC into Quad 405-2 and MB Quart 980s


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          Thanks Brian. That's cleared it up a bit for me. I'll start a new thread about the broadcast dropping. Thanks again.


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            Originally posted by amcluesent
            >I hate to leave a 100 watt PC running<

            Have you looked at enabling Wake on LAN (WOL) functionality in the BIOS?
            Thanks that's a good idea- I'll try that- then if started acting up on the radios- I'd select music library on the radio- and hopefully it'd wait until the PC woke up and squeezebox server responded.

            I still wish the radios worked as reliably as booms, etc... John