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    Radio ping help


    Here we go..

    Fist of all, the Squeezebox radio has always been the least fussy client in our LMS setup..

    My setup is as follows. LMS is running via PCP on a Raspberry and acts as a player. Secondly, there is another Pie that acts as a player and the radio. Three players in all.

    I have a router where all clients have a static IP address.

    Recently, we have upgraded to fiber internet from asdl. The wifi of the provider is off and there is a wired connection to my router that has handled the system fine an till now..

    The radio connects fine to the wifi and also to LMS on startup. Plays music all good for 5 to 10 minutes. Stops playing wifi icon turns red..

    Via network health I run check network when in the red. It gives me Picore LMS (192.168. x.X.X) not ok.

    After a reboot of the radio 'All network tests passed successfully'

    I have changed the wifi channel with no results. Open the FTP ports for the radio and LMS in the router. Also i did the wlanpoke pacht..

    I get the feeling i have missed something..

    Help much appreciated !


    Well, i must have missed soming in the wlanpoke pacht. For i went tru the proces again and low and behold. I have so far regained a stable Squeezbox radio..

    Thank you POMdev and rojikewl !