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Dead radio, spares? Free to collect East Lothian UK

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    Dead radio, spares? Free to collect East Lothian UK

    I've got a black Radio here, won't power up but someone might be able to do something with it. No battery or power supply. Going in the recycling if no takers. Collect East Lothian UK
    RaspberryPi4 server running Raspbian & LMS 8.3, USB hard drive
    Lounge - Pi4 running piCoreplayer 8 connected via USB to Naim DAC-V1, Linn LP12/Ekos/Troika, Naim NAC102, Linn Tunebox crossover, 4 x Naim NAP250 power amps with Avondale Audio 2018 mods, Linn Keltik active isobarik speakers. Cotrolled by 2 Jogglers or phone
    Office - Squeezebox Boom
    Kitchen - Squeezebox Radio x2
    Sunroom - Squeezebox Boom
    Bedroom - Squeezebox Radio x2 plus another in en-suite
    Dining Room - Squeezebox Radio

    Don't dump it. Sell it! People keep looking for broken SqueezeBox Radios. I myself am looking for the two rotary knobs of the radio.