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Squeezebox Radio would not connect to LMS 8: "Update required"

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  • Michael:

    Thank you very much for your help. It was the network settings on the container that was at fault. Here were the problems:
    • UDP 3483 was mapped to a weird high port number.
    • Network Mode was NAT
    I erroneously believed since my Squeezebox Boom could discover and use the LMS in that container that the network must be fine.

    For others, having potentially the same problems: here's what I changed to fix:
    • In containerStation selected the container, then settings, then advanced settings.
    • Changed network mode to bridged and set a static IP address (you can do dhcp if you prefer)
    • On the squeezebox radio, I added remote library and entered the ip address that I set the container to.
    • The radio connected and immediately asked if I wanted to upgrade firmware, to which I said yes.
    • Success! The radio can access my music!
    Thank you to all that work at keeping the great squeezebox ecosystem going!