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Duet Controller back button not working

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    Originally posted by Redrum View Post
    I had a thought about this... mrw let me know if you agree.
    This is also my thinking.

    If my brain were engageable, I could work out each row and column from, and map the matrix to the individual switches. So one might positively affirm that each row and column does, indeed, work by identifying the working switches. Which would then, hopefully, confirm that the one non-working switch is simply failing to close the contact. The scroll wheel seems to not to be in point - it looks to be using different GPIOs.

    I failed to mention the magic word “ssh” on my previous post… that suggestion probably gets most of the way there.

    As an aside, I am thoroughly impressed by these “snap” type switches. It must take a fair amount of research and testing to get it just right. One that particularly caught my attention was the type included in (modern ?) electric kettles. There, the snap action is temperature driven, and disengages a latching contactor when the water comes to the boil. When the temperature cools the action becomes an “unsnap”, so ready to go again. How do “they” figure out the precise shape needed to ping off at the right temperature, but not before ?



      My back button is back

      I carefully sliced the clear film all around the circumference, using a surgical scalpel with a new blade.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	07.jpg Views:	3 Size:	476.2 KB ID:	1627504
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        Then I gave the board & underside of the click dome a squirt of contact cleaner.
        Let it dry then sellotaped it back in place.

        Now my back button works!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	08.jpg Views:	2 Size:	637.0 KB ID:	1627506
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          Thanks everyone for all your help.

          This will be me in bed tonight:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	bilko-pilot-280.jpg?ssl=1.jpg
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            Originally posted by MrTeroo View Post
            Now my back button works!
            Very impressive ! And not a drop of blood to be seen !

            Thanks for the detailed photographs.


              Fantastic! It was fun talking about it, brought back some memories. Nice work.

              I had a thought after waking this morning, I had said that I think I have a dead controller in a box. I wonder if it's just the home/power button has suffered a similar fate? Hmmmm...

              Thank you for all of the pictures and description of your progress. It might help someone else in the future