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Duet frozen with logo

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    Duet frozen with logo

    My duet seems to boot wel, but got frozen with showing the logitech logo.
    Tried to boot from SD Card, with jive.bin, but with none of my SD Cards it works.
    What could bee the problem and how to solve it.


    First test is always the power supply. Not so easy on the touch due to the non-standard plug. Depending on where you are, you can get something that will ‘do’ off Amazon or Logitech US still seem to have them.

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      so, since you say duet, and it freezes with the logitech logo, you must mean the logo on the controller.

      Could be a few things, but first try a factory reset of both the receiver and controller ("duet" is the combo of receiver and controller):

      press and hold button on receiver until it blinks red fast, then it will blink red slow.

      Press and hold controller power until it is off (hard off). Press and hold the '+' on the controller, then press and hold power/home until the controller splash screen comes up, release both.

      Then go through the setup, choose country, network, etc...

      If that doesn't do it, the next thing to investigate might be the controller battery and/or if the cradle is charging properly. We can help, but try a reset first.