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Rescan Not Picking Up New Songs

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    Rescan Not Picking Up New Songs

    > OP has at least 3 edits .... problem is fixed .... permissions ...

    Yeah, saw it after I posted...

    Rescan Not Picking Up New Songs

    I recently updated my macos to 10.15.7, after which I needed to reinstall the LMS. I installed 8.2.0 without incident, and I can hear, via wi-fi, all the songs that previously had been available. Wi-fi strength appears fine: between 85 and 93%.

    From the Boom, I can connect to and hear streaming radio stations. At, I see that the Boom is connected.

    The one thing that is not working is that rescanning, including rescanning entire library, will not pick up two new songs recently added to a playlist. I tried making a new playlist and putting only those two songs in it. The next rescan, like the ones before, seemed to complete without problems, but still no sign of the two songs in the original playlist, and no sign of the newly created playlist.

    Edit: Adding that I can't see any difference between the permissions for the files that I had before the OS update and my two new mp3s that can't be scanned.

    Another edit: macos upgrade was major, to Catalina.

    What now? Should I try a factory reset of the Boom? Different version of the LMS?

    Thank you in advance for any help. I love my Boom!

    Yet another edit: This is seriously driving me crazy. I feel it has something to do with iTunes going away and Apple Music taking over. From Music, I exported a Library.xml file and put it in the Playlists folder, making it a sibling to infobrowser.opml. Have no idea if that is a meaningful thing to do; I am flailing around here. However, on the Boom itself, I noticed a new folder within Music Library called Album Artists. The artist for one of the two songs is listed, and I can go into the folder and to the song and play the song! Which is great in that it means the Boom definitely knows about this song. I just can't get it properly into a playlist from LMS's perspective. The song is in a playlist as seen in Music, but when I go to http://localhost:9000/ and look at my playlists there, there is no sign of the song.

    Sorry; this is getting to be rather long. Hoping the immediately above will lead to someone understanding what the problem is and telling me how to fix it. Thank you!

    OKAY! FIXED! Maybe this is yet another reason I love the Boom: every once in a while, I go through a painful daylong or multi-day process to get it going again. Annoying, but, wow, great when it works again!

    Here is what I did:

    I exported a Library.xml file from Music and put it in /Users/<me>/Music/iTunes; I renamed the file to iTunes Library.xml. There was a file in there called iTunes Music Library.xml; I added OLD_ to the beginning of that file's name.

    I followed this advice posted by MrC in another forum; thank you, MrC!
    "Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access, and unlock the settings. Click the + button. Now type Cmd+Shift+G. This will open a dialog where you can type a path. Enter /usr/bin and then select perl to add it. Do likewise for /bin and select bash."

    It was important to reboot after doing the immediately above.

    In the Preferences for LMS, on the Library page, "Use iTunes" needed to be checked; it's near the bottom.

    I set the Playlist folder, on the Library page, to /Users/<me>/Music/iTunes and rescanned (I must have scanned 40 times today). On the Advanced page, when I clicked on Web Remote Control, I could finally see the two songs.

    On the Boom itself, there was still no sign of them. To fix that, I unplugged the Boom for a bit, plugged it back in, navigated to and started a streaming radio station, then went back to Logitech Media Server and into the music library and playlists, and FINALLY all was well! Ahhhh!
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      Rescan Not Picking Up New Songs

      Check the forums for threads about LMS on macOS. Most likely this is a
      permissions issue. You have to tell macOS to let Perl access your full disk.

      "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
      (LMS: Settings/Information)


        Originally posted by mherger View Post
        Check the forums for threads about LMS on macOS. Most likely this is a
        permissions issue. You have to tell macOS to let Perl access your full disk.
        OP has at least 3 edits .... problem is fixed .... permissions ...
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