> When my Boom switches the channel and turns up the volume on its own, it
> always goes back to the Clock screen and showing some text (neither the
> channel name nor song name nor artist name) all in UPPER case and
> smaller fonts. This is not a deliberate switching to another channel by
> some malicious person as the playback is not from a valid channel and it
> does not display any song name. Even if someone switches the channel or

You didn't set an alarm, did you?...

When this happens, are you connected to mysb.com or your LMS?

> turns up volume (always set to 48 or 50 units of volume - don't
> remember) using a web remote provided they have my login creds to
> mysb.com, they could only switch to a valid channel and not be able to
> mess with my screen to go back to the Clock screen and be able to
> display some junk text in non-standard font and format and be able to

What would such a junk text be?