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Boom Ethernet replacement jack?

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    Boom Ethernet replacement jack?

    My Boom fell off a shelf with the Ethernet still attached,

    It landed on a bed so the rest of the unit is completely fine, but unfortunately the Ethernet jack is completely inoperable. It doesn't click anymore, and when I turn off Wi-Fi I am unable to connect over it even with the plug inserted and the pins straight.
    Anyone know of a replacement jack that shares the same footprint before I go and try to reverse engineer a solution?

    Also I'm having a hard time recalling the name of that guy that did the screen replacements for the Boom, but I should probably work on that too because it's become noticeably dimmer over the years. I'm working on a Home Assistant automation to shut the screen off when no presence is detected in the room but for now I've been using the Snow screensaver to decrease the chance of any noticeable patterns occurring.

    I think the guy you mean/need is

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      Thank you, I will hit him up and ask him if he has any suggestions!

      For the time being I was able to pick up a used boom on CraigsList with destroyed speakers that still has a good ethernet jack and swapped the boards with this one.

      Eventually I'll replace the display / ethernet jack and speakers on this one.