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What to do with a Boom with sticky front panel?

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    Sticky Front Panel & Knob

    Originally posted by SamS View Post
    Hi all,

    My Boom has served me well for many years. I decided to give it a good cleaning the other day, and the solution I used had a small amount of bleach. Well, it was just enough to interact with the button panel/knob on the front, and turn it permanently sticky!

    I'm not too upset, as I'm preferring to use an Echo Dot + Denon HEOS 1 in the Boom's place. But what to do with the Boom? Sell it for parts? The display still works, although it's showing signs of age/dimming. I have full box and accessories. Do we have a place or rule about selling things here? Or is eBay better? Suggested price, considering the condition?
    I just picked up a Squeezebox Boom for $50. It had typical use(scratches on the Piano black surfaces), sticky front panel and knob, and a dim display panel.
    I adjusted the display to the max of "5" and at least I can now read the display panel but I'm not sure if this accelerates the demise of the dim display problems.
    I found an amazing plastic scratch remover. If the scratches are minor, using E-Z-R (with BF Goodrich Carbopol) called Scratch Away HD formula is simply amazing.
    Here are some other tips about removing more difficult scratches. The next step up with deeper scratches, I suggest the Mequiar's Scratch X 2.0. It will take deeper
    scratches away but you still need to follow-up using the E-Z-R Scratch away to get the final "Glass" like finish.
    If the scratches are even deeper, use Happich Simichrome Polish. Its great for metals, but I have found it works wonders with plastics too. Again this is higher in
    pumice or the abrasive material that makes if effective, but you then next have to use the Meguiar's and then the E-Z-R Scratch away to finish off. Your end results
    are truly amazing!
    I've done a web search about these newer black, rubberized surfaces. Their use in product be produced (mainly China) are everywhere. The same sticky and tacky
    surface can really destroy wanting to use a product that has this situation. The Talc powder does work to some degree. I also found users suggesting that applying
    Baby Oil works too but have been told both are just temporary.
    I applied the Baby Oil to the front panel using a paper towel and basically tried to keep rubbing it into the surface and then touching the surface occasionally to see
    if it was working. It did make the surface more pleasing to the touch without the dulling effect that Talc powder does.
    I hope these tricks will help others!

    Regards, John


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        I have just had GREAT success with this very issue!

        I am currently refurbing a boom that I acquired that has the sticky from panel, buttons. Buggered speakers and really dim display.

        So I pulled it apart.
        Removed the circuit board from the front (sticky) panel and tried a variety of methods.

        Hot soapy water and lots of rubbing ? = no real change
        Iso alcohol and lots of rubbing = better, but still not really effective.

        Automotive "Brake Cleaner" on a rag and gently wiping = success ! ******* NOT CARBY CLEANER !!!!!! ( that stuff melts plastic !!!! ) ************
        I then followed up with a hot soapy water wash, rinse and dry.
        The buttons also cleaned up nicely.
        I wiped very gently and the white button markings remained intact !

        Oh, it also worked on the sticky remote !

        Apparently there are a few different types of "brake cleaner" and some can be quite dangerous / poisonous so I would use it with a LOT of CAUTION.

        I got mine at the local auto parts shop and it cost about $10 for a big can ( aerosol )
        The can that I have does not list the ingredients or additives. it did not state "non-chlorinated".
        Just says "hydrocarbon" but the smell is familiar, maybe like ?????

        Please try at your own risk and test before using on your precious boom !!!

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          I fixed it with Isopropyl alcohol.
          It takes a lot of patience but the results are very good

          Video of the operation:
          Some electronic devices come with a soft, rubber coating. With time this coating can deteriorate and become sticky. We will fix the sticky panel of a Logitec...