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  • Mnyb
    There are probably some very good reasons that i dont know about .

    But it's easy that with two sets of tags they could get out sync not containing the same information, that would be a problem .

    Note that if you use flac files you should not use any lf them .

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  • dasmueller
    started a topic ID3v1 tags

    ID3v1 tags

    I have been working on cleaning up my tags. I noticed in the Squeezeplay wiki this morning that it is recommended that one remove ID3v1 tags. Does anyone know why ?

    When I looked at Mp3tag-Tools-Options-Tags-MPEG I noticed that both ID3v1 and ID3v2 were selected for Read, Write and Remove. I have changed that so Mp3tag will only write ID3v2.3 and remove only ID3v1 in the future. Is this the way I should have Mp3tag set ?

    I ran a trial w one folder and selected remove tag and it only removed the ID3v1 tags it appears. Is it safe to load my entire library and remove the ID3v1 tags in this fashion ? Will there be any benefits to doing so ?

    Thanks for your input !