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    I am still building my library. I grabbed my handful of Chistmas CDs and ripped them into D:/FLAC/Christmas 08/ using

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    Most came up with the Genre "Christmas" although a couple returned "Classical" so had to be edited. To the three discs with material like "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer" I assigned the genre "Xmas Secular".

    On inspecting D:/FLAC with Windows I found subfolders on D:/FLAC/Christmas 08 has been created in the name of an orchestra or artist. I moved the contents of these subfolders to D:/FLAC/Christmas 08 and deleted the subfolders. I created D:/FLAC/Xmas Secular and moved the appropriate folders into it.

    Now I rescanned the SC library.

    In Genre/Christmas and Genre/Xmas Secular I have subfolders corresponding to those I deleted from D/FLAC/Christmas 08

    I have to go into "All" to see the flat structure I want.

    Why has this happened? How can I force SC to display as I want?
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    Apart from dealing with compilations, the directory structure of your files makes no difference to how their shown in SC, navigation is based on tags not files/paths. Take a read of the Beginner's Guide ( particularly the file organization and tagging sections.