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    Looking for some advice for the best tool (and method) to add replaygain tags to my local flac and mp3 files.

    I was initially looking at this script here,, that uses metaflac, but then cam across this github request,, suggesting that metaflac is using outdated algorithms for calculating track volumes.

    I am aware of Foobar2000 but didn't know if it was the best tool to use.

    Ideally I would like a script I can use to point at an album directory and add track and album replaygain tags automatically.

    What are people's preferred method of adding replaygain tags to both flac and mp3 files?


    Originally posted by bobcoupee View Post
    What are people's preferred method of adding replaygain tags to both flac and mp3 files?

    i used winamp, but if i was going to do it again or from scratch i would use something like foobar, which supports the r128 standard.
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      foobar2000 does an excellent job of adding RG tags in a bulk manner. Highly recommended. I use dbpoweramp for adding when ripping, but foobar2000 for after the fact adding RG tags.
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        I use a command line tool, loudgain, which was recommended by someone in these forums. The github page includes directions for building and installing.

        Once installed, this command adds track and album gain tags to all mp3 files in the current folder:

        loudgain -I3 -S -L -a -k -s e *mp3 | tee -a gain.txt
        And this does the same for all flac files in the current folder:

        loudgain -k -a -s e *.flac | tee -a gain.txt
        In each case, it is assumed that all files in the current folder are part of the same album.

        The part of the command following the bar is optional, It simply creates a text file in the folder containing all the gain settings that have been applied.
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          loudgain seems intersting.
          I use metaflac, vorbisgain and mp3gain, but loudgain seems to be the best of both worlds.
          For opus, I used foobar2000 on linux with wine. It works fine except that it seems that resulting sound volume is lower than with mp3 or flac and replay gain is not showed in LMS.
          I use foobar for replaygain only for opus files, so I don't know if it's the case with other file types.
          I have a little script that scans all the library and keeps a time stamp of the last time the script has runned, in order not to recalculate all the replaygains!
          I'll try loudgain
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