Radiotunes app missing from Home Customization Menu on LMS. Since version 8.2.0 on 4.8.21 the Radiotunes, and apps have all disappeared from the Home Customization Menu on LMS for any of my players. Prior to this I had version 8.1.0 on the 24.12.20 and all my apps were present as of the 30.12.20.
I have tried installing version 8.1.0 but the apps are still missing. Gone back to 8.2.0 since.
In addition I have the message that my user name or password are invalid on LMS. On the site I can access OK. The only thing that happens on LMS it says an error occured whilst validating your account. Any ideas.

P.S. In passing I installed LMS 8.3.0 and the LMS stopped working altogther.