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    Ripping Amusement

    I recently had a moment when I really wanted to get the album "Jo + Jazz", a latish career recording from Jo Stafford, venturing into jazz standard territory. She was a fine American pop singer from the forties to the late 60s (and maybe later), an approximate equivalent to Vera Lynn in the UK, popularly known during WWII as "GI Jo". Fine singer.

    I really wanted this album, and the only way I could get it at a reasonable cost was to buy a collection of 4 used CDs via eBay. More Jo than I needed, but what the heck, was cheap. Not available in Canada on iTunes or other services.

    So I'm ripping one of them, a CD containing two Stafford albums ("Autumn in New York" and "Starring Jo Stafford"). I was using dBPoweramp, which pulls album details from various sources. I was partway through the rip when I actually looked closely at the details, and saw that while the album artist was Jo Stafford, the artist was different for each song. There was a host of different artists listed, including Gene Autry and Sons of the Pioneers. It seems someone had manually entered the artist field as the "original" singer of the track, and this had been (automatically) picked up by dBP's sources. Not only that, but the album art was for a "classic country" collection, with its own artwork. Could have been custom.

    A minor but amusing note.

    And yes, I haven't yet fully converted to the Spotify world.

    LMS on a dedicated server (PiCorePlayer)
    Transporter (Ethernet) - main listen ining, Onkyo receiver, Paradigm speakers
    Touch (WiFi) - home theater 5.1, Sony receiver, Energy speakers
    Boom 1 (WiFi) - work-space
    Boom 2 (WiFi) - various (deck, garage, etc.)
    Radio (WiFi) - home office
    Control - Squeeze Control (Android mobile), 2 Controllers (seldom used), Squeeze Remote (on Surface Pro 4)
    Touch x 1 - spare
    UE Radio x 1 - spare
    Boom x 1 - spare
    Controller x 1 - Spare

    Pretty funny. I've seen some amusing mis-tagged mistakes with cd singles as well.
    Which site was selected for the tags - Musicbrainz, AMG, etc?