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RIP Pearadio and JB Radio 2, what next?

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    RIP Pearadio and JB Radio 2, what next?

    For any of you that have listened to either Pearadio ("eight decades, one station") or JB radio 2 (100% music, no talk, no commercials, high quality streams) it appears that both are gone. Pear has disappeared and reemerged in the past, but has not resurfaced and looks dead. JB Radio said goodbye on their FB.

    Both of these stations were "eclectic" alternatives to Radio Paradise. I found JB Radio 2 more consistent than RP, and Pear had a wild side to it (e.g it regularly mixed in some comedy, funk, hair bands, country, even disco).

    I actually feel a bit lost. JB Radio 2 was my "go to". I turned on Pear in the afternoon when I needed a little energy boost (a cup of coffee and tune in Pear )

    So, I thought I would ask the community for suggestions to replace these stations in my life. Again, similar mix to RP, but, hey, anything that you adore I'm willing to check out.

    Thanks and goodbye old friends (not you, the stations) ...