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    I occasionally listen to some of's streams, which are generally good.

    I've been using this form of URL ...

    ... which, as an example, gave me their Cool Jazz stream.

    Now that one, and other similar ones for Vocal Legends etc, do not connect.

    Anyone got any working URLs?

    (I first posted this in the General Discussion forum here with no replies, so thought I'd give this section a try.)


    Did a bit more digging. seems to have stopped access via Squeezeboxes/LMS to the previous free streams, and now you can only get their streams by subscribing to a Premium offer, about £70 a year (also includes other genre stations).



      "In the final weeks of 2015, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) in the United States imposed new royalty rates for the years spanning 2016-2020. In the process, this move also eliminated the special royalty rates which existed for small webcasters such as

      Effective January, 2016, our royalty costs will therefore increase dramatically, as they will for all the other independent webcasters in the US. I am sad to say that many will likely not stay in business as advertising revenue will not be enough to pay for their costs.

      In order to maintain profitability and continue to keep this great music available, is also making some hard decisions to limit our free streaming service, including shutting down all third-party access to our free streams through services like TuneIn, iTunes, and other radio directories. In addition, only Premium members will be allowed to access our steams on hardware players like Sonos and Squeezebox."