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  • LMS Compatibility issue

    I don't know if this is the correct place to ask.
    I've been using this fantastic forum to solve all the problems I was facing through the years and have been always able to successfully enjoy music through LMS server on my Sinology Nas streaming to my chromecasts devices.
    A couple of days ago I downloaded the last version of the Chromecast bridge plugin (I was noticed with this upgrade available for my system in the Material Skin plugin I'm using) and it turns out my version of LMS (8.0.0) is no longer supported and it asks to upgrade the server which is no longer supported by my Sinology NAS and as a result I can't see any of my players anymore.
    So I'd like to ask you if there's any way I could go back to the last supported version of the plugin and if so what is the way to go.​
    Thank you
    Livio Valerio
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    Post this into the CastBridge thread in 3rd Party Software. The developer philippe_44 is more likely to see it.

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      Just my opinion, but I think maintaining LMS on a NAS nowadays is not unlike patching a constantly leaking boat. A never-ending chore, as the NAS OSes continue to evolve further and further away from any support for these old apps. And as LMS continues to develop into the future, the incompatibility gap only gets worse.

      I’d keep the NAS, but just now use it as only a NAS. And slap a cheap Pi running LMS on your router or the nearest switch, and breathe a big sigh of relief. No more NAS compatibility headaches.

      8.3 is the best version of LMS yet. If PiCorePlayer doesn’t offer it yet, it will in due time. Can’t say that for Synology or QNAP.


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        If your Synology can run Docker, you can install LMS 8.3.1 as a Docker image.
        See LMS Community Docker image. I have no experience with Synology and/or Docker, so if you need help hopefully other users can help you.
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          Per our discussion, this is not a castbridge question but more generally why would LMS remove an installed plugin when a new version that is not compatible with the current LMS release appears?
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            Thank you all for your great advice.
            I'll go down the path of Docker as a first choice to try and quickly fix the issue.
            But for long time peace of mind I'll start studying what is the easiest solution (not being good at all with codes) with the raspberry Pi.
            Any suggestion/link on these is very much appreciated.


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              Originally posted by [email protected]
              But for long time peace of mind I'll start studying what is the easiest solution (not being good at all with codes) with the raspberry Pi.
              Any suggestion/link on these is very much appreciated.
              For picoreplayer (what I used for a LMS server) you can start here: to see what it is, then go to menu->help, then to Getting Started and How To. You don't have to be technical or software savy, just follow directions and come back here if you get stuck.

              Also, because there is a shortage of pi products, while you should try to get a 4 if you can, don't worry if you can't. The older 3b+ (or even older) will work fine. They might be "less desirable" to some, but in a tight market that might make them "more available". I have 2 systems, a 3b+ and a 4, and I can't tell the difference during normal operation (but can during library scan).



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                I can personally recommend the Max2Play distribution, which I currently run on a very old RPi B+ and will soon be installing on a 4B.

                Max2Play offers a browser-based interface to configure and control mini-computer with many features and add-ons.


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                  AFAIK there have been no vital changes to any of the OS specific modules between 8.0 and 8.3, just some minor changes to Audio::Scan for handling files that you most likely don't have. I'm thus fairly certain you can upgrade your system to 8.3 by grabbing the NoCPAN version and merging that with your current files (obviously make a backup of that folder first). Files that need to be guarded/not be overwritten are:


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                    FWIW - I have ordered a new Synology, so I experimented with the docker image, and it works just fine -- didn't have to remap any of the ports .. need to get the local folders setup for the right mapping -- currently running fine on an older Optiplex running Debian 11

                    Thanks once again to this fabulous development community ...
                    Bill Clark, Windham, VT
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