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Music Storage on USB3 M2 SSD Mobile ssd?

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    Originally posted by Man in a van View Post

    Is this Storage hdd to be used with the rpi3b or your thin client. and is it going to be directly connected to the device?

    Its used on both, whichever I am using at the time. Its a 1tb hdd and was quite expensive so using a usb key would be much more convenient as I could have one for each as they are cheap.
    The rpi3b+ with pCP and the thinclient with Daphile both play from usb memory. I have only got 16gb of flacs anyway


      Originally posted by markiii View Post

      your sort of right. But I find it removes the delay inherent if the disk your playing from has spun down. I've been using an SSD for music storage for years
      Never quite believed it had really spun down, the light goes out but it was new not much used as I mostly stream BBC r3 and I do feel it could be a bit flakey


        Originally posted by diode84 View Post
        I have only got 16gb of flacs anyway
        SanDisk 32GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - $9