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Player advances to next track after 30 seconds

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    Player advances to next track after 30 seconds


    This has been a recurring problem for quite while now but I've not sought any help yet.

    LMS 8.3.0 on Windows 10 but problem has persisted across various LMS versions and two different servers. This test on SB Touch 8.0.1 but problem has persisted across various community supported firmware releases

    This happens on multiple albums but not every one

    A track will play for 30 seconds and then advance on to the next track in the playlist. If I skip forward past the 30 second point the track will play in full. It doesn't happen on every track but I am able to recreate it repeatedly on the same track when it has happened. Log attached shows track 'Jimmy' playing for 30 seconds then skipping on to track 'Doves' with no input from player or web controls.

    I've no idea if I have the correct logging enabled, I just took a guess. I've been able to put up with this for a while but it's finally got to me and I'd love to find a solution

    30second problem log copy.doc

    I have the same Problem

    I've testet on different Boxes: SB3, Touch and Radio.
    I din't can reproduce the Skip on the same Track.
    But if i play an Playlist, it skips to the next Track.
    All the my mp3 Files are ok.
    What can i do?
    Thanks for Help.
    Kind Regards