my LMS network is separated from the internet so the LM Server has to
use my web proxy to connect to servers on the internet.
This does work for HTTP connections but not for URLs that point to a HTTPS address.

So for example the Last.fm Audioscrobbler plugin works, because it
uses a HTTP connection to communicate with the Lats.fm web service,
but the Qobus plugin (as onw example) doesn't, because it uses a HTTPS connection
to communicate with the Qobus servers.

I managed it to get it working by changing the QOBUZ_BASE_URL constant
found in the Common.pm file of the plugin code from:
"https://www.qobuz.com/api.json/0.2/" to "http://www.qobuz.com/api.json/0.2/"

But a much better approach would be to get the LMS to use the configured
WEB-PROXY settings also for the HTTPS connections.
In my case the same proxy address is used for both connection types,
but there are also network designs with different proxy addresses/servers
for HTTP and HTTPS connections.

My problem, at the moment I have no clue where I can find the proxy
code in the LMS sources, maybe there is only a smal fix needed,
to get the LMS to use the proxy server for both types of URLs