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Most recent MacOS update broke LMS?

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    I can confirm that the codesign workaround works in Monterey as well. I did need to restart my Mac for LMS to reconnect to my Booms. Can also confirm that granting explicit Full Disk Access to bash and perl is no longer necessary and I removed those permissions in the Privacy Settings.


      Ok, here's a new build with a signed perl binary. Please give it a try.

      You can verify the signature running:

      codesign -v --verify /Library/PreferencePanes/Squeezebox.prefPane/Contents/perl/bin/perl
      And it should give you some positive result.

      Does that change the behavior compared to the binary currently shipped?
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      "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
      (LMS: Settings/Information)


        Originally posted by mherger View Post
        And it should give you some positive result.

        Does that change the behavior compared to the binary currently shipped?
        This seems to work correctly. As expected, a one-time Allow Access dialog appears, and then the allowance is added to Files & Folders, and no longer requires re-authorizing with each server restart.


          Back in September of this year I trialled LMS and the Local Player Plugin on my old iMac running Catalina.

          I was attempting to help someone on another forum with a similar install.

          I managed to get things working, (I did the perl and bash permissions thing) but it did not feel "just right".

          Tonight I installed LogitechMediaServer-8.3.1-1668720899.pkg over the top of the previous version. I accepted all permission requests.

          Updated the Plugins, and, using the System Preferences Pane window, navigated to an external usb 3 hub and loaded a small library of flac files.

          Playback was without any problem through the iMac's internal speakers.

          Tomorrow I'll try the Toslink output and maybe the USB.

          Seems like a winner

          Congrats and thanks to the folk responsible



            This morning I fired up a Late 2012 Mac Mini running Mojave v10.14.6

            I connected a Topping DX3Pro Dac (using headphone output) and used Audio MIDI to set it for use as Sound Output.

            I plugged in a usb stick (Fat32 format) with a few albums to use instead of a HDD.

            I opened Safari and downloaded the latest Mac OSX installer.

            I used the default installer to install the package and accepted all screen prompt requests for access.

            I used the Mac Systems Preferences pane (LMS Server was already running) to navigate to the usb stick.

            I then opened the default LMS gui, went to Basic Settings and scanned the usb disk into the Library.

            Next stop was Settings >> Plugins >> tick Update plugins automatcally >> Apply

            When the screen returned I ticked the box for Local Player, waited a minute and refreshed the screen.

            I did NOT go to the ADVANCED tab

            I then returned to the LMS Home Page and selected Squeezelite from the dropdown, selected an Album and hit Play.

            Music !!!

            I rebooted the Mac whilst it was playing (the setting in the Preference pane STATUS window was "Automatcally start server when system boots)

            Reopen windows when logging back in was ticked for the Restart (and I'm set to login automatically in Users & Groups)

            The windows reopend but the LMS restart failed ( thiis has been an unresolved problem for at least a couple of years)

            I clicked Start Server in the Status tab and all was well.

            I changed to "Automatically start server at login" This worked, but it does take a while and I had to refresh the LMS gui

            Hope this helps someone on the old 32bit OS