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Playlist tracks duplicated in LMS library on PiCorePlayer

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    Playlist tracks duplicated in LMS library on PiCorePlayer

    Hey all!

    I recently converted from running LMS on a Windows PC to PiCorePlayer. I thought that I'd worked everything out but while running one of my favorite Dynamic Playlists (Erland's "Top Rated Tracks Not Recently Played"), I noticed that several tracks were repeating. I started looking around and then noticed that several albums were repeated in the Album browse menu. The second of each album in the least only had a few to five or so tracks. After looking at 5 or so albums I realized they were usually my favorite tracks and verified that several of them were saved to static playlists. My guess is that either a setting or the way I have things structured is causing tracks saved to static playlists as duplicates to the ones saved in their primary location.

    Here is how I have things structured:

    Media Folders: /mnt/LMSFiles/Tunes
    Playlists Folder: /mnt/LMSFiles/Playlists

    I attached a snapshot of the first few lines of one of my playlists as seen in Notepad++

    Please let me know if anything stands out that could be the cause of this issue, or if there are any other settings that I should check.

    Thank you in advance!
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