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3.5 " display only showing bootup text

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    3.5 " display only showing bootup text

    Hi Everyone

    I think my problem is quite simple. I have a 3.5" display and installed it the way like the howto pages describe. I have calibrated the display and tested the calibration. Then the howto tells to choose language and that's where I'm stuck. I can play spotify, local files, music from my NAS. But I cant get the touchsreen to show a player. All I see is the bootup screen with text. Any suggestions.

    Install Jivelite


      As I mentioned in my first post, I did the howto including calibration and test. Step 5 till 10 concerning Jivelite are finished before calibration. Maybe you can elaborate on your comment what is to be installed other than the howto.

      Add a 3.5 inch display


        Before you posted the link, no one knew what hardware or software you were using. You were a bit scant on details.

        The instructions are for a "generic" 3.5 inch display. If your display is compatible with the generic display then the instructions should get it functioning.

        Your blank screen means jivelite is not starting. Double check your cutting and pasting.

        But there are dozens of 3.5 inch displays. Some will not be compatible with " dtoverlay=piscreen,speed=24000000,rotate=90​", you may need to pick a different dtoverlay.


          Hi Folks

          Some puzzling for ya all

          I've done the complete setup of PiCore (RPI 4 print, 32 bit image) player once more. In this case I had no monitor or any USB devices connected. This because cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep N: showed two devices, ie my display (ADS7846) and my USB soundcard. Also I used no network cable. The files cmdline.txt, config.txt and wpa_supplicant.conf were edited on the SD card before removing it. The last is necessary for Wifi.

          From there on I followed the howto where I added an reboot( pcp bs) after chmodding

          All the calls to fb1 I have altered in fb0 et voila I speak French.