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Best efficient OS on RPI 4 for LMS Kodi and Squeezelite??

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    Best efficient OS on RPI 4 for LMS Kodi and Squeezelite??

    what efficient OS on RPI 4, 4 gb would you advice, if I want to install LMS, Squeezelite and Kodi media center?

    NormalIy I would prefer picoreplayer OS and Librelec in terms of intuitive user interface, but picoreplayer lacks Kodi, and with librelec it does not seem easy to install LMS..

    I'm not a Linux pro but have a little bit experience with Linux mint on desktop and know about ssh, terminal and stuff but only on a beginner level. Currently using lms and Squeezelite and Kodi on Linux mint Desktop, but my RPI 4 is on the way and I want to use it as LMS device...

    Some users already told me about osmc (and possible LMS Integration)...
    I heard of Dietpie OS...

    What OS would you suggest for me? I have basic knowledge, but don't want to hassle too long with Linux terminal and want to simply enjoy Music.

    It seems you can run Docker on librelec. That might allow you to run LMS in a container quite easily?

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      I think that LibreElec has quite a cut-down host OS ...("just enough to run Kodi") so there might be some things missing from the Docker image because it thinks the host would always have it (not tried).
      However, OSMC is a more complete OS and "apt" can be used to add things.
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        I would prefer not to use docker, a little bit too complicated for me...


          With pi4 you certainly don’t need a cut down OS. LMS works fine on a Pi2 running off an SD card. Pi4, esp. Those with more than 1GB ram will be perfectly adequate to run an general purpose OS (like RaspiOS) and LMS.
          Or go the PiCore route and run the LMS server on it.
          If you’re a beginner, avoid DietPi and other boutique OS distros with a small user base.

          edit. I missed the Kodi requirement, sorry. Still, go for the most popular alternative.
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            Ok maybe I will try Raspberry Pi OS light or OSMC


              RaspPi OS - there will be tutorials on the web for everything you need to install

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                I run Kodi (for video) and SqueezeLite (for audio) on a Pi4 running a full-fat RaspPi OS (Buster) desktop operating system - all seems OK. The Pi4 is connected via HDMI to a TV+hifi.

                My LMS (the actual server itself) runs on another Pi4 (on PiCorePlayer), and my video and audio libraries are on a separate NAS.
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                  Thank you for the advice!


                    with raspberry pi OS should i install the 32 bit or 64 version? will i run into difficulties with LMS, Squeezelite oder Kodi with the 64 bit version on Raspi 4?


                      Originally posted by knorst View Post
                      with raspberry pi OS should i install the 32 bit or 64 version? will i run into difficulties with LMS, Squeezelite oder Kodi with the 64 bit version on Raspi 4?
                      I have no experience of Kodi, but I have used the rpi OS 64 bit and 32 bit (Desktop and LIte)

                      There is no real benefit to using the 64 bit imo and experience, certainly for running LMS. It might make a difference for a Kodi / LMS combi though.

                      Try it and see

                      This info may help your decision, or not


                      Edit: the 64 bit image has been out of beta for a while now, but I am still not so impressed with it that I think it is essential, ymmv as they say (should that be kilometres )
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