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pCP as Tidal Connect Client

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    pCP as Tidal Connect Client

    Hi. I've been using pCP for years and I love it. After the whole Spotify mess this summer I switched over to Tidal. The sound quality is great and I have made it work with LMS (at lower sound quality), but I'd like to be able to control it right from the Tidal app. I've seen some plugins and stuff here but was looking at supporting it directly in pCP.

    I found this page: https:// where he said you need 3 libraries and some binaries.
    • libssl1.0.0
    • libportaudio2
    • libflac++6v5

    Looking at the extensions, I was able to find openssl at v. 1.1.1l (where 1.0.0) is required.
    I also found pcp-flac but it's at version 1.3.2 so I doubt if they are the same library.
    I was unable to find any libportaudio2.

    That kinda exhausted my understanding of TinyCore. It looks like there are ways to convert (i.e. repackage) debs to tcz but I don't want to implement anything in a way different from the community standards.

    What would be required to get this supported in pCP? I'm happy to pay a bounty (or donation to pCP) and/or ride shotgun.

    Most of that would need built from source.
    piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM.

    Please donate if you like the piCorePlayer


      I also would make a financial contribution.


        I think you can find something here



          I'm very interested in getting Tidal Connect to work. I've checked the GitHub page referenced above, but I don't see anything conclusive there. Has anybody managed to make some progress?



            Originally posted by JulianH View Post
            I also would make a financial contribution.
            So would I!!!