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Custom Joggler HD Skin with Controls (Took me all week)

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    Hello does anyone know if Menu icons and Album icons can be resized independently of each other

    Click image for larger version

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    There's a setting

    return {
    THUMB_SIZE = 64,

    and if you change THUMB_SIZE = 64, to something larger it will make album covers larger but it will also make some of the menu icons larger but strangely not all of them so bit


      I tweaked my 1920 x 1080 version so all edits are done within the one file so you don't have to move image files about to get the flat look only problem is album covers and icons have to be little versions for now as can only be enlarged with a image swap but wanted to keep things as simple as could be, fingers crossed i can tweak sooner or later plus i've added back in the text only display type which was missing from the last version as couldn't get it to look how i wanted but is now fixed

      To be used on a 1920 x 1080 TV but wondered if anyone fancies having a test on a 4K TV as i don't own one and wondered what it looks like

      Software used


      Text used
      sudo cp -r JogglerSkin /home/tc/.jivelite/userpath/applets

      pcp bu

      sudo reboot


        Is it possible to have these changes in a normal piCorePlayer release?
        Maybe as "The best Joggler Skin" in the menu.
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          It's compatible with piCorePlayer 8.2.0 64bits?


            Originally posted by Mikydep View Post
            It's compatible with piCorePlayer 8.2.0 64bits?
            Yes works with any version


              Installed and..... amazing!!!!!
              Great and genius work.

              My favourite, so for now...... is Jstraw Vintage.

              Thank you very much

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