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Peachtree Nova 150, piCore Player, and VortexBox squeezelite setup with USB

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    Peachtree Nova 150, piCore Player, and VortexBox squeezelite setup with USB

    Just jotting my notes down about getting my Peachtree Nova 150 v2 (purchased ~9/2019) to be the DAC for my living room setup.

    (Former setup used my Slim Devices Transporter and S/PDIF to the Nova; the Transporter is flaking out, so it's time to remove it.)

    I'm sure there will be more optimizations to do, but let's start with what worked first: PiCorePlayer (pCP) v5.0
    • We must use the USB-B port (USB-A is reserved for iOS devices) on the Nova
    • Make sure the USB version selector (right next to the port) on the Nova is in the "out" (USB-1) position
    • Turn the Nova on and make sure to select USB-B as your input. The USB port is not enabled unless it is selected as the Nova's input. This was the key thing I had to learn by calling Peachtree support.
    • While you're there, make sure the volume is down around 2 or three lights. LMS players default to 100% volume, and there's no point in risking speaker or ear damage.
    • Reboot the pCP (didn't seem to discover it without this; my workflow involved having to reset the password on the pCP, after which the "output" section on the squeezelite page saw the Nova).
    • On the pCP "Advanced" mode Squeezelite page, look for the Output tab and see if the Nova is listed. If so, copy & paste the entry into the Output field and hit save (way down on the page). *Then* at the top of the page, select USB and hit save.

    The above worked for me; I could discover the player in LMS and play. OTOH, I didn't really want to use the pCP; it's just the easiest player I have to hack on, and I keep a spare around for when my ancient Slim stuff fails. My closet also has an old Small Green Computer vortexBox *and* a SGC microJukebox in it (bought the second while dealing with a blown power supply on the first), so I moved on to hooking it up to the vortexBox (again, working in easiest-to-hack to hardest order).

    Just to keep the variables down, I used the same cable to connect the vBox as I had the pCP, and because it was easiest to reach, used the left-hand front USB on the vBox. Prior to connecting, I ssh'ed to the vBox, and did:
    cd /tmp
    usb-devices >_before.usb-devices
    then I connected and did:
    usb-devices >_after.usb-devices
    diff _before.usb-devices _after.usb-devices
    which showed me that the vBox did indeed see the Nova (prior to calling Peachtree, nothing was discovering the Nova, so I was a bit paranoid).

    Then I went to the Configure Player page on the VortexBox via the web, and saw that it did in fact discover the Nova, so it was easy enough to set up from there.

    Now, let's see about the microJukebox. And maybe I can get it to work w/ USB type 2, too