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piCorePlayer 7 on Audiophonics EVO-SABRE Balanced DAC 2xES9038Q2M

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    Image needed

    Dear Pete,
    I would like to have an image. I have problems to install the second screen, but I like picorePlayer very much.


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      Originally posted by weizenkeym
      Dear Pete,
      I would like to have an image. I have problems to install the second screen.
      Hi Thomas

      You can download an image from This is an PCP 8.1. image with all of the tweaks built in (I think). It should auto-discover everything, including the LMS server, so I think you should just be able to burn it to a new SD and plug it into the evosabre and off you go.

      Any problems, let me know.

      pete S
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        BTW - if anyone wants the python code, I published it to


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          Hi Pete,

          Thanks for the good work!
          What if I want to use a 7inch screen and jivelight? I read that lirc doesn't work then. Is that correct?

          I can't get my remote to work ....

          Thanks in advance for any help on this...


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            Errors when run


            I try to use your script with a different configuration (Pi 3 and Oled 3.12) with no Evo Sabre. Picore plus LMS installed, actually I use your image.
            I had to change gpio DC to 24 and gpio RST to 25 as I have different connection.

            It starts, I see Audiophonics, but after I have the followings errors:

            tc@pCP:~$ python3 /home/tc/
            Default Gateway Interface: wlan0
            WiFi Network Detected
            Player IP:
            Discovering LMS IP
            Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "/home/tc/", line 255, in server_connect
            lms_ip, lms_name = get_lms_ip()
            File "/home/tc/", line 135, in get_lms_ip
            OSError: [Errno 98] Address already in use

            During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

            Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "/home/tc/", line 329, in <module>
            File "/home/tc/", line 274, in server_connect
            print("Player " + player_mac + " not connected to LMS : " + lms_ip)
            UnboundLocalError: local variable 'player_mac' referenced before assignment

            Any help please?

            Thank you


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              Hmm - sounds like the way I'm doing discovery of LMS doesn't work if it's local - assuming you mean that LMS is installed on the same Pi as you're running the script.... I'll take a look. When did you pull the script/image? If it's in the last week or so, specify the LMSIP address in the command line

              python3 /home/tc/ LMSIP=

              If it's a little older, probably best to get the new one but otherwise, the command line would be

              python3 /home/tc/

              This should stop the script from trying to discover the LMS IP address. Let me know if that works, and I'll put a fix in it to handle local LMS better


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                Actually, if that's the problem, it's an easy fix - error catch was a couple of lines too low. Let me know if forcing the address works, and if so, I'll post an update which should mean you don't need to (but telling me if forcing it works will confirm the problem)


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                  Thanks for fast response.
                  With local LMS server it did not work adding ip address.
                  I try with another LMS server and it works with python3 /home/tc/ ip_adress
                  I will download the image from April 29 post and retry.


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                    Installed last image and it works with local LMS adding ip address in command line.
                    Thank you.


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                      Originally posted by Livs
                      Installed last image and it works with local LMS adding ip address in command line.
                      Thank you.
                      OK - that's good news. I've posted an updated .py file to - this one should detect local LMS I think. Could you give it a try - you'll need to take out the ip address from the command line to test it. Just overwrite the existing file in home, but remember to do a backup before rebooting (pcp bu or through the UI).


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                        It just works. Now I have a new toy to play with.

                        Thank you.


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                          Originally posted by Livs
                          It just works. Now I have a new toy to play with.

                          Thank you.
                          Very good. Although I use it for the OLED in the EvoSabre, it uses luma.oled, so should work with anything that supports

                          Luma.OLED: Display drivers for SSD1306 / SSD1309 / SSD1322 / SSD1325 / SSD1327 / SSD1331 / SSD1351 / SSD1362 / SH1106

                          Glad it's working for you and interesting for others perhaps.

                          I realise I hadn't updated the 32-bit image. I'll post new 32 and 64 bit versions soon with the updated .py - I just found out that the original infrared files have an incorrect code for the left button, which doesn't work, so I've done a new lircd.conf file.

                          pete S


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                            BTW, I just changed the github repo name to as I'm going to add other bits (a setup file and the additional required files) when I get a chance.


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                              I've created a script to pull all the various files from github. If you pull down , do a chmod +x and then execute it on a fresh install, it should pull all the files. The only caveat is that you should install lirc in Tweaks before running the script, else it can't setup the remote when you run it.


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                                Hi psketch,

                                I have bought recently the EVO-SABRE from Audiophonics. Coming from piCorePlayer (on a RPi 4 + Allo Digione), I was disapointed that a modified version was not proposed by Audiophonics.
                                And miraculously, I saw your post .

                                But I have a slight problem, I don't know how to use the files you put on Github. I tried to install the image you provided some posts ago. The second screen was detected but there was a message on it saying that the LMS server couldn't be reached. LMS was not installed so I thought it was normal. But with LMS installed, no more messages were visible on the screen. It was as if I had installed a conventional version of piCorePlayer.

                                Coukd you guide me how using your files ? I would really like come back to piCorePlayer, I really don't like Volumio,it's not so easy to work with DietPi and I never succeeded installing Moode Audio Player.

                                Thanks a lot and thank you for your work.
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