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    piCorePlayer Documentation

    > IR, etc. I am curious though, if and when version 8.3.0 of LMS will be
    > incorporated, or if it has already and I just didn't figure out how to
    > do it?

    On the LMS page (in pCP) you should be able to select which flavour of
    LMS you want to install. 8.3 would be the development version.

    piCorePlayer Documentation

    Hi piCorePlayer users,

    The new online "piCorePlayer Documentation" can be found here:

    Comments welcomed. I already have a list of improvements from the other guys.

    How to submit documents:

    piCorePlayer Documentation Source - GitLab

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      This is only the beginning of the process of moving to the new online documentation system.

      [We still need to remove the old piCorePlayer Help and integrate these pages into the piCorePlayer main web site.] DONE.

      Some history can be found here:

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        How can people contribute to this?
        What’s required exactly

        VB2.4 storage QNAP TS419p (NFS)
        Living Room Joggler & Pi4/Khadas -> Onkyo TXNR686 -> Celestion F20s
        Office Joggler & Pi3 -> Denon RCD N8 -> Celestion F10s
        Dining Room SB Radio
        Bedroom (Bedside) Pi Zero+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
        Bedroom (TV) & Bathroom SB Touch ->Denon AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s + Kef ceiling speakers
        Guest Room Joggler > Topping Amp -> Wharfedale Modus Cubes


          hi d6jg,

          As of today:

          People can simply attach a text or Markdown file to this thread.

          In the future:

          Once I finished removing the old piCorePlayer Help and fixing the links on the piCorePlayer landing pages, we will make the piCorePlayer Documentation GitLab repository public, so a normal pull request can be done.

          I will also have to document these processes.



            I'm excited to see this effort moving forward. I think you've chosen a solid set of tools.


              Greg (and others);

              I took a quick look through, this is wonderful, thank you for the effort to date. I do have a thought though...

              When I setup my first picore player, I followed the "how to" step by step and was successful, but often didn't understand "why", what the purpose of the step was. For example "resize the file system", "Move Cache and prefs", etc. After a lot of time in these forums, addressing issues, reading the efforts of others, I slowly understood much of what those steps mean, what they are actually doing. I got to understand the system. Of course following the how tos I got up and operational quick, I just didn't fully understand what I had just built, and therefore what I could/should change.

              For example, I get frequent power failures with a picore (server only) and attached USB HDD. The power interruptions caused the HDD mount to get lost. I had to remount the HDD and sometimes rebuild LMS. All this because I moved Cache and Prefs to the HDD. Now, I keep them on the SD, in fact, I created a third partition on the SD for cache and prefs (per a recommendation from Paul). I never understood what the step meant, or that it was not required to have an operational system. I now (through the forums) know.

              So, if I can make a suggestion (I would be willing to help if I could), maybe think to add some "what it is you are doing and why" to the steps. EG:

              1) Why do I have to resize the file system? Are there factors that would make a user want to make it even bigger?
              2) When I am moving cache and prefs, what does this mean? Even adding, "this step is recommended but optional because..."

              Not trying to create extra work, just thought I would give you a perspective from the experience I went through as a LMS vet, but a Picore noob (at the time). I might have been more mystified if I was a full noob



                Hi Jim,

                Thanks for your input.

                The new publishing process makes it a lot easier write and update documentation, so that is a major obstacle removed.

                I agree with what you are saying but as a general rule, but documentation is never going to be just right because the audience is at different levels of understanding.

                Personally I like something like this:

                Click [Resize FS] to resize the file system--see "Resizing file system".

                An clear action with a brief concise description and a link to detailed information.

                • An expert would read: Click [Resize FS]
                • A normal user would read: Click [Resize FS] to resize the file system
                • While a novice would read: Click [Resize FS] to resize the file system--see "Resizing file system".



                  piCorePlayer Help is dead, long live piCorePlayer Documentation!!

                  Please report any dead links to piCorePlayer Help. We are putting in page redirects where possible.

                  Next step is to document the documentation process then make the piCorePlayer Documentation git repository public.


                    Submitting content

                    We just added the "publishing" section to the piCorePlayer Documentation. Most of this is so we don't forget how to publish the documentation but a couple of documents are relevant to people wanting to submit content.


                      Add a display

                      We added "Adding a 3.5" display" project to the piCorePlayer Documentation.

                      piCoreplayer by default supports the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display. However, there are dozens of screens available for Raspberry Pi. These instructions are for a generic 3.5inch RPi Display but may also give clues how to support other screens. A big thanks to nowhinjing for his Waveshare 4.1 TFT + piCorePlayer + Jivelite tutorial which was used as a starting point.


                        You are welcome ...

                        Originally posted by Greg Erskine View Post
                        We added "Adding a 3.5" display" project to the piCorePlayer Documentation.

                        ... glad to be of service, sir !


                          Added "My changes disappeared" FAQ and related "piCorePlayer backup" Information.


                            Originally posted by Greg Erskine View Post
                            Added "My changes disappeared" FAQ and related "piCorePlayer backup" Information.
                            That's very useful, thanks.

                            But maybe it would be good to add a note about LMS, because that had confused me a bit at first. If I understand correctly it would be some like this?
                            "NOTE: Logitech Media Server (LMS) is a server database application and needs to write to disk frequently. If you run PcP as a player/Server LMS gets a separate partition on the SD card to write cache data, a database index and settings files. These do not require the use of PiCorePlayer backup to remain in tact after a reboot. To preserve the SD it's recommended to switch off the Pi using the shutdown command or the button on the PcP homepage before pulling the power."


                              hi jeroen2,

                              Thanks for the feedback.

                              Yeah, we need a little documentation regarding the LMS cache and preferences. I am not sure where it goes though?

                              By default, I don't think LMS uses a separate partition for cache and preferences. The cache and preferences are written directly to a persistent location on the SD card (boot device). You can move them though.