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A big "THANK YOU" to everyone

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  • A big "THANK YOU" to everyone

    I want to express my Thank You to everyone who contributed over the years to the creation and development of the Squeezebox product line.

    I was looking for CD changers/jukebox type arrangements and had found nothing suitable, then I found you. It was love at first sight. Your system changed my life and my home in ways and to an extent I never could have imagined.

    I think some people are deserving of special thanks. The names I know are ones who have had the most visibility here, like Michael, Andy, Ben, (and I'm sorry, I know there are others). These guys all cared enough to keep working hard to improve the products and system capabilities under less than ideal circumstances. We've all greatly benefited from that. In their spare time (that's a joke), they also worked to help present the right kind of company-to-user interactions, of a kind that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. They always were helpful in dealing with some of SB's most enthusiastic users, those here in these forums. They all also have done everything possible to keep carrying the flag forward under what's likely been very difficult and frustrating circumstances, even while seemingly taking friendly fire to do so.

    Then there were the multitudes of "others", those who made contributions from "outside" the company and remained outside. People like Erland, Pippin, bpa, and many others (again sorry for names omitted) whose passions sparked ideas and capabilities that so many have come to rely upon and enjoy. Also, there were so many of y'all who funneled your SB enthusiasm into providing the company testing and feedback help.

    I've got my spare units and multiple backup copies of server software squirreled away, I should be able to maintain the status quo I want for many years to come. I'd like to say one last thanks to all of you and good luck and best wishes for the future.

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    Well said. A lot of negativity at the moment, which is well justified IMO, but I agree that some really talented people have massively improved my enjoyment of music. Not without it's faults, and at times I have felt like throwing it out of the window, but on the whole my Squeezeboxes are the best things I ever bought.

    Here's to the future

    Thank you.
    Cheers, auto.

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      Absolutely agree ....

      .. they have all done a wonderful job - have had my musical experience completely transformed by these guys & gals.

      Thank you for writing this Thank You note too .. a pleasure to join it!



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        If it weren't for people like Ben, Michael, Andy, Dean, Felix, Richard, Sean, etc., I think the squeezebox would have withered much sooner than this. Ben gave us a glimpse in a recent posting of the inner workings of the team and how they championed the Squeezebox and stayed "true to the cause". Ben even compared the situation to watching your dog die as bad decisions were being made regarding the product line. These guys were obviously passionate about their work and the product line.

        It was an amazing experience to be involved in the community during the product's rise and hayday. Along with Goodsounds, I'd like to express my sincere gratitude too! You guys created an awesome system for music lovers like myself! This system will continue to give myself and my family great joy for much time to come.

        Thank you!
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          Thank you, goodsounds, for creating this thread.

          I wholeheartedly agree with what you have written.
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            still love my squeezeboxes

            6 radios and 1 boom give me music all through my house and outside. While I do still wish radios were stereo, I can't argue that they have a great performance for the formfactor.

            On the whole, been very happy with my squeezeboxes, and can't really see any other product with the flexibility to replace it for everything it can do.

            Occasionally, I see someone's ultra high end home audio system and feel EXTREMELY smug knowing that I can do MORE with my squeezeboxes, LMS, and my ipad and andriod tablets as controllers.

            Poor rest of the world who is stuck streaming music from their iphones to bluetooth speakers (which probably makes even the radio sound good by comparison) and watching their iphone battery drain.

            I still can't grasp why logitech would continue with an incompatible UE radio and lose such a valuable ecosystem, but that's a subject for other threads.

            Not going anywhere for the next few years, that's for sure.


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              I agree with the general topic and I'm both impressed and thankful for the great work and patience everyone both inside Logitech and in the community has shown during the past years, it's also important to remember that this community is not just about developers, I also want to thank all active, helpful and thoughtful forum members who makes it worth to come back here day after day to see what new interesting posts there are. I'm not going to mention any names because the forum has a limit of number of characters in each post, but thanks to everyone that come back here day after day with a positive attitude wanting to make the system better and most importantly wanting to help other users making their system work better.

              However, having said that, I don't look at this as the end, Logitech might have stopped selling the Squeezebox product but I'm definitely still interested in improving my music listening experience and I'm sure I'm not alone. So to me it really doesn't feel like this is the end, it's the start of a new exciting journey of finding a better way to enjoy the music. The future will tell who will take the lead but I'm definitely going to stick around in this community because it wouldn't surprise me at all if the future journey starts right here, especially considering all creative third party developers available here who now have the chance to take the lead instead of waiting for Logitech to do it.

              So, let's try to keep this community active and let's keep encourage the creativity among all third party developers and let's continue being helpful to users with problems. Let's all be part of the next journey to musical bliss, I'm definitely ready for the ride!
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                Originally posted by erland
                So, let's try to keep this community active and let's keep encourage the creativity among all third party developers and let's continue being helpful to users with problems. Let's all be part of the next journey to musical bliss, I'm definitely ready for the ride!
                I agree with everything you say, but that last paragraph does sound like a battle speech from Game of Thrones...
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                  I agree with everything said also. The Squeezebox ecosystem has changed my life and has introduced me to such beautiful new music with audiophile quality that I could have never imagined. We have music everywhere in our home thanks to the Squeezebox devices and thanks to Pippin's Ipeng I can be anywhere and control the entire system. I'm also thankful for all the members of this forum who have taken their precious time to assist me along the way ( garym,Toby,rgro and so many others). Being able to connect to the music services has been very important to me as well.

                  I really fail to believe that LOGITECH will pull the plug on this ecosystem that obviously means so much to all of us. It has been an investment for us all and I'm sure we all believed that a company would not pull the rug from under us and take the money and run. To me that is NOT what LOGITECH is made of. They have always been there to help me and I truly believe they WILL be here in the future for all of us. It's just what respectable successful businesses do!

                  Anyhow, yes, I LOVE the Squeezeboxes too! And ,yes, a
                  "BIG THANK YOU!"
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