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    The techies are having a wonderful time chatting about this'n'that here

    Could someone please brief those less technically qualified on the direction of this work and the practical outcomes for ordinary Squeezebox users?

    Is it proposed to merge the Squeezebox Products with the Logitech Revue media streamer?

    Having an AV streamer as flexible, open and cross platform as a Squeezebox would be great.
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    In UK: rPi4 running LMS, Chromecast Audio Dongle and Chromecast Video Dongle attached to TV - Beresford DAC - Quad 77 Integrated Amp - AVI Neutron 4 Speakers - Sennheiser HD25 Headphones. Boom in Bedroom.

    In Nicosia: LMS running on a small form factor Windows PC, Beresford DAC into Quad 405-2 and MB Quart 980s