J'ai posté un message sur le forum anglais avant de m'apercevoir que des frenchies se cachaient par ici !
Je fais donc un copier/coller mais vous saurez me lire !
Hi everybody,
I'm new on this forum and French, sorry for both !!
I've installed Picoreplayer and LMS server on a RPI3 with an Audiophonic ISabre DAC in a Raspdac dock.
I can listen music from Deezer with the plugins and controlling with the Squeezer app.
Now I want to use Bluetooth to connect my phone using the Deezer App and listening music throw BT to the Picoreplayer. Is it possible ?
If so I tried tu enable the BT Controller on but won't. My BT log is very short :
CP Bluetooth extension build:0015
Starting BT Controller
Waiting for bluetooth controller........................................ .USB Bluetooth Hardware Address:
Starting pCP BT Pairing Agent
Powering on the BT controller
Error powering on Bluetooth Adapter

And my configuration is :
piCorePlayer | piCorePlayer v7.0.0 | www v00015 | linux 5.4.83-pcpCore-v7 | piCore v12.0pCP | Squeezelite v1.9.9-1372-pCP

I've an ethernet connection and also enable the Wifi but can't enable the BT one.
Do you know what I'm doing wrong ?

Si qq1 peut m'aider ?
Merci d'avance.