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Need help for broken Transporter

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    Hi Felix,

    I will try isolating and replacing the failed component in the current psu..if that fails then the next thing in line it to try and locate the exact same model..if that fails I will contact unifive and see what comes out of it. What worries me is you saying that the unifive on the link you gave me is different in size and that would pose a problem regarding it's holes and the respective fitting holes in the transporter..we'll see.

    On the other hand since I recall that both my SB1s and SB2s use a unifive wallwart psu then maybe unifive equips the specific psu in the transporter (maybe?) it's still available through unifive even if it's not listed on their site.

    I will update the thread with whatever the outcome of the quest.

    Thank you



      ans YES we have Liftoff!

      Hello again to all interested in this.

      I can now confirm that the guilty party is indeed the 5v beige PSU!

      The TP was resurrected in the Easter like Lazarus

      I have taken close-up photos of the failed PCB showing the discolouration I mentioned earlier. It appears to be either a diode or a cap or a transistor. The discolouration appears in two different areas and since its is *really* crowded in there (as you will see in the photos) it is not clear which one of the three is to blame. I was planning to desolder these three and proceed to replacing them all at once since the cost would be minimal , but I was bored really .. will propably do it someday just to satisfy my curiosity.

      I hunted down a suitable replacement per Felix's valuable input regarding the Unifive link and ended up at "Rapid electronics" in UK. These guys had the replacement in stock but it was not very clear regarding it's dimensions. In some place it was mentioned as being 60mm long (*wrong* dimension for the TP) and in some places it was mentioned as being 55mm (*correct* dimension for the TP).

      A simple online chat with an available support person..and after 2 mins for her to look it up and check..she came back with a confirmation that the correct length was indeed 55mm...I decided to bite the bullet and go for 2 pieces at aprx 9 GBP each (since peace of mind urged me for having a spare..and since their cost is low)

      By the way this is a [email protected] PSU can be used to provide juice to RPI projects as well.

      I'm at the office now but tonight or tomorrow I will be posting the pics of the failed PSU , a pic of the new replacement PSU, and the respective link on the rapid site for anyone wanting to order a replacement now (or for fellow TP owners who end up here in the future..I'm pretty sure there will be quite a few)




        So like I said here's the link for the replacement. Part number 85-2251.

        TT Electronics - SW3376 - TT Electronics SW3376 Mini Open Frame PSU 5VDC 2.3A -

        This open frame switch mode power supply is designed to provide single

        It is supposed to be manufactured by Powerpax Uk, but the Unifive logo is also printed directly on the PCB like on my original part.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	iIMG_2676.jpg
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        Also here follow the pics from the failed one. The burning discolourisation appears next to the orange ceramic cap. There is another possible failure in the transistor (regulator?) next to the blue cap but the burning can be seen only from the underside.(see pic)

        Click image for larger version

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          As predicted, I'm another Transporter owner who is apparently experiencing the same failure. My screen went dead, but the player worked for a couple days, and now it's not responding. Glad to see this looks like a pretty simple fix.

          _NK_ thanks very much for the detailed follow-ups.

          I don't suppose anyone has found replacements in Australia? I haven't figured out yet if the linked store will ship here, but I'm sure it would be cheaper to find something locally. Will any ps with the same voltage basically work?


            ditto here also, put a Touch in its place and shopping for another Touch as prices seem to be heading downward
            Pioneer Elite N50 main HT rig hardwired to router connected

            1st Touch Wirelessly connected (Master Bedroom)

            2nd Touch Wirelessly connected (bedroom)

            3rd Touch Wirelessly connected (bedroom)

            4th Touch Wirelessly connected (livingroom)

            5th Touch Wirelessly connected (downstairs bedroom)

            Server (In garage)
            running on Duo Core P4 3.0 GHz 8 gig ram
            Windows 7 pro 64 bit
            350 Xternal gigHD
            1.5 TB backup
            Verizon Fios wireless router w/HG antana



              just reporting in that the replacement power supply fixed my issues. Everything is working great again.


                Transporter power supply replacement

                Thanks to this thread i was able to bring my Transporter back to life with the replacement power supply. Thanks to all for the help!


                  [QUOTE=_NK_;815543][So like I said here's the link for the replacement. Part number 85-2251.]

                  I'd just about given up trying to find anything about fixing my Transporter!

                  I've just placed an order with Rapid, thanks a lot.

                  One problem remains for me, I have the six base screws removed but can't work out how to get the case apart.

                  Update: I must remember not to work at equipment late at night! Totally missed the side screws, but saw them today at once.

                  I noticed the 500ma fuse was blackened so I replaced it and it blew again instantly. The PSU board does have a couple of dodgy looking surface mount components but no actual burn marks.

                  Hopefully the replacement board will sort things.
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                    Happy to report the new PSU has fixed my Transporter!

                    The replacement from Rapid looks much better built, the dead one looked like the solder had a disease and some SMT items not even placed right, I have never seen anything like it in a commercial product.

                    Thanks again.


                      Is this part (Part number 85-2251) compatible with US TP?

                      ...or does the voltage change require me to find a US made 5v power supply?

                      Thank you for this thread, I'm optimistic about hearing my Transporter sing again.


                        Originally posted by kharo72 View Post
                        ...or does the voltage change require me to find a US made 5v power supply?

                        Thank you for this thread, I'm optimistic about hearing my Transporter sing again.
                        That PSU is "Universal Input" it will work anywhere in the world.

                        Be careful if you touch the wrong part of that board live it will bite !
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                          Running like new!!!

                          Thank you to all contributors to this thread, Transporter is back up and running. Rapid Electronics earned that name, ordered christmas eve, installed and running Monday the 28th.

                          Not sure if this caused the amp to blow or not, but prior to the TP giving out, the display response became terrible rolling 2 or 3 bars with every tap of the remote arrow. Turns out the electrical strip that connects to the display was loose, these two may be unrelated, but I have my doubts since the Display died 2 days after scroll issue.


                            Signing in to report my Transporter recently died without any warning. Fortunately I had this thread bookmarked from around a year ago in the knowledge the TP would probably fail at some stage.

                            Ordered the replacement PSU from Rapid Electronics as per the link provided and it arrived 45mins ago. Less than 5mins to reinstall and behold it's now working! Thanks to all who contributed here.

                            As a side note; outstanding customer service from Rapid Electronics.
                            Ordered the PSU late afternoon on Friday 18/03/2016 using economy delivery. Expected the order to arrive by Thursday 24/03/2016 but no. Nothing over the Easter period (as expected), nor on Tuesday 29/03/2016.
                            Called RE on Wednesday 30/03/2016 to confirm the PSU had been despatched (yes) and who would be delivering it (Royal Mail). Said I'd call again on the Friday if it hadn't arrived.
                            Then without any prompting from me I received an email from Rapid Electronics yesterday to apologise for the delayed delivery and to confirm a free replacement was being despatched on a next-day delivery service.
                            While there was no doubt RE would resend my order FOC, the fact they took the matter into their own hands impressed me.


                              also chiming in here

                              thanks to this thread I was also able to fix my beloved Transporter with very little effort and little money.
                              After 7 years of daily use that little board apparantly gave up with the same symptoms; flickering display for some time upon usage of the remote control and then ..after a few days the display died.
                              The transporter did do it's job however sonically but with out the display it is not easy to control it.

                              Thums up for tehis thread and also many stars to rapid electronic who has the part in stock - ordered it sunday afternoon online in the UK and the part arrived tuesday morning in Sweden - good job


                                If anyone would consider sending me their old (dead) PSU, please PM me. I have an interest in electronics that fail. Preferably someone who lives in a country where the shipping rates aren't too high. I'm in Canada.


                                EDIT: Thanks to mkbrucetx for sending me his dead PSU.
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