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HOWTO: Videos on Squeezebox Radio / Touch / Controller

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  • HOWTO: Videos on Squeezebox Radio / Touch / Controller

    Sorry, I couldn't resist - ever since I've seen the screen of my Squeezebox Radio I thought it would be perfect for video playback :-)

    Click image for larger version

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    This should also work for the Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Controller.
    If you want to try this yourself be warned: THIS SOLUTION IS A HACK. It will work, it's not harmful for your hardware, but it's not integrated into SqueezePlay at all and will require you to enter several Linux commands.

    Not daunting enough? OK, let's begin :-)
    (This is only a short HOWTO. For a technical explanation of what you are doing here I have written a detailed blog post on
    1. Enable SSH access on your Squeezebox: "Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Remote Login"
    2. Get yourself an SSH and an SCP tool: On Windows you may want to use Putty for SSH and WinSCP or PSCP (also available from Putty's website, but command line only) for SCP.
    3. Get a minimal MPlayer for Squeezebox's ARM processor: Download and extract mplayer
    4. Copy the MPlayer files to your Squeezebox: Use your SCP client to copy the extracted files to your Squeezebox into the "/dev" folder; you can find the IP address of your Squeezebox in "Settings" -> "Advanced" -> "Diagnostics" -> "Wireless info" or "Ethernet info"; user is "root", password is "1234"
    5. Log onto your Squeezebox: Use your SSH client to log into your Squeezebox (using the same IP, user and password as above)
    6. Prepare your environment: When you see the command prompt enter
      cd /dev; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH":/dev
    7. Play a video:
      ./mplayer -volume 50 -vf rotate=2,scale=240:320 -vfm ffmpeg -vo fbdev -framedrop

    That's it. You will notice that the video is too slow, although it's a low resolution video and the codec doesn't require a lot of computation power. One option is to transcode your videos before watching them (similar to watching a video on the PSP): Popular programs for this are VLC or FFmpeg, though there exist dozens of other programs for this. MPEG1 seems to be a good choice for the codec as it doesn't require much computation power...

    And if anyone feels motivated to integrate this into SqueezePlay - go ahead, I'm currently satisfied with my current setup :-P
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    Old topic but very interesting
    Do you think possible to make a similar compilation for shairport-sync ?
    It can be a simple way to have airplay support natively !