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Playlists not working - How to Fix, Mac mini Ventura, Apple Music - iTunes

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    Playlists not working - How to Fix, Mac mini Ventura, Apple Music - iTunes

    This is my first post, but I think it is important.

    I found playlists weren't working. I understand the tight integration between iTunes and LMS with regards Playlists isn't working due to Apple changes to where they are stored (I think the cloud). So, I went about exporting my playlists from Apple Music (iTunes replacement) and they never appeared in LMS. After a lot of mucking around I found the solution.

    In Apple Music select your playlist, then File / Library / Export Playlist and save them as .m3u files to your previously selected LMS Playlist folder. So, there is nothing new here, but they won't work. The file has been encoded by Apple in the wrong way. Find something like BBEdit, open your .m3u files as Save As, but change the encoding to either Linux or Window and save over the top of the existing file.

    Now tell LMS to rescan at least for changed Playlists and all should now be good to go. Although not as convenient as having playlists automatically update, it at least works.

    Just one other thing, My previous computer holding the music was a late 2019 27" iMac with 16 gb ram. It took 20 minutes or so for LMS to scan the music folders, the new MacMini M2 takes less than 2. An amazing improvement.