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Connect Time Out: Unable to connect to Tidal from Squeezelite/LMS8.1 (MyApp)

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    Connect Time Out: Unable to connect to Tidal from Squeezelite/LMS8.1 (MyApp)


    This is my first post, apologize ahead if sounded to much of a beginner which I am.
    My current set up, I have 2 servers:
    1, Cubox running arcLinux and LMS8.1 connect to Logitec Transporter.
    2, Raspberry Pi4 running PiCorePlayer with LMS8.1 and Squeezelite connected to a USB DAC
    3, Remote using iPeng on iPad.

    Everything working perfectly for a long long time. I started to subscribe to Tidal about a year ago and install Tidal plug-in and I can see it enabled in http://192.168.#.##:9000/settings/in...a6:32:##:##:##
    (i just masked some numbers with # above) and it played flawless until last week. All of a sudden when I go to Tidal, I got "Connect Time Out".
    - Go to, the Tidal log in has a red sign somehow. I am connected to Tidal fine on Tidal desktop or iPhone app.
    - On iPeng try to connect to Tidal (My App), I get the Connect Time Out error
    - On Pi4 ssh in, I am able to ping google to prove I have internet connection.
    - iPeng Radio works
    - I can still play my local drive's flac
    - Mysqueeze account log in just fine on pi4 but not Cubox.

    I've check all the basics, network and log in, etc. Nothing seems to help at the moment, I need some idea. Ping Tidal support on chat is useless, they simply say they don't have Squeezelite, so they can't help but they did verify my account is fine and no restriction. So why all of a sudden the plug-in stop working.

    On my cubbox, it fail but I think my cubox somehow is not connected to the internet, when I ssh in and ping google, I got an error "Temporary failure in name resolution". I am also not sure why I am getting error.
    In the my tab in Logictech Media Server web page, I got "Invalid username or password. (Couldn't resolve IP address for:". This one is quite clear I have internet issue.

    I use an Orbi wifi and satellite extender and status are all working. I check Lan hub as well and seems fine.

    While scratching my head, please throw in some suggestion hopefully I can fix it eventually I hope.

    Thank you for reading
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    Orbi was the fault

    Turns out the Orbi satellite is at fault somehow, switched to another Orbi satellite, Rasberry Pi4 able to reconnect to Tidal as before. Cubox still have issue connecting to the internet ...
    But I am in better shape. Since I can see all the web admin page PiCorePlayer and SOA, I would think the Orbi satellite has to be working, right ? Puzzle.


      Cubox internet access resolve

      Once again, it was my problem but took a while to resolve. Turns out the /etc/resolv.conf has an old subnet. Since I changed to use Orbi, I forgot I had not update the address.
      I am all good now, both Cubox and Pi4 can connect to Tidal again !