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Change volume independently of synced player

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    Originally posted by allwi View Post
    Yep, that's correct - I started a track, synchronised two players and then (will this one track was playing)
    1. decreased the volume of player A -> volume of player B not changed
    2. increased the volume of player A to 100% -> volume of player B not changed
    3. decreased the volume of player A to 75% -> volume of player B decreased by 1/4 of the previous volume
    4. increased the volume of player B by 1/3 (i.e. back to the previous level) -> volume of player A increased by 1/3rd to 100%

    I have 4 players in total but only tested this with two of them (because I can hear both of them easily from one room).
    I will test this with the other players and rebuild LMS/the players to get a clean start (I enabled and disabled several plugins like group player. Not sure, if there are some artefacts left).
    I will let you know when I have a clear understanding and reproducible behaviour - or when I solved the issue after a clean install.

    As said before: Many thanks for your help!
    a couple of random thoughts:

    step #2 took the player to 100%, then the volume sync engaged. I wonder if 100% has something to do with it (i.e. what if it was 90%)?

    I wonder what would happen if you set each player to "fixed volume", then back to variable. Maybe that would "reset" the bunch of rouge bits that are causing this? Settings->player->audio->volume control (Checking, I see this is available on my touch, but not radio or boom, is it available on squeezelite players?)



      To check whether something is messing with the server.prefs that controls sync behaviour
      Look at server.prefs for each player