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    CD player

    I can plug a USB stick in my HT amplifier and play any audio (or video) files with it: no brainer.
    I thought that nowadays I could purchase an external USB CD/DVD drive which would present the disc content as files, as if they were on a stick.
    However I made some google searches and could not find anything like that.
    Is this at all possible? Any suggestions?
    (Apologies, it is not an SB-related post, but this community has proven many times to be very well informed)
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    The USB on your HT is programmed to understand the standard HDD formats of FAT32 or NTFS. CD/DVD is a completely different format.


      Originally posted by scala View Post
      ...Is this at all possible? Any suggestions?
      Short answer, no . A CD is pretty much a LP when it comes to its on-disc structure, it contains tracks and not files. To get around that you would need a CD player that presented a filesystem with dummy files to the HT that it would then rip on the fly as needed. Or to put it in other words, not a viable solution, just rip the CD yourself .


        It could be done though ... but quite a lot of work for probably very little use.

        For example - some Raspberry Pi systems can emulate a USB Mass Storage Device.
        So ... if you could run in that mode while still have access to a different USB port to plug in a USB CD drive ... then you could represent each found track on the drive as a different file and then when there is an access attempt to the contents of a file you could do a real-time extraction of the audio track from the CD and present it as WAV.

        In the background you could extract the rest of the tracks and store (perhaps as FLAC or MP3) the rest of the tracks in memory so that subsequent access requests to them would start playing more quickly.

        I am pretty sure I have read about someone making a virtual file system something like this but I can't find references to it ... implying it has not been discussed on internet very much which would support my view this is a very marginal use case.
        Paul Webster
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          Bit more digging around and I found it ... well the starting point anyway ...
          CDfs - CD File System - can present an audio CD as a set of WAV files

          Started life long long ago in Bell Labs I think.

          It has not been incorporated into mainstream Linux so you have some work to get it to run - then you have to get it to present as a USB Mass Storage Device on a different USB port.

          an example from that site ...
          [[email protected]k6 /root]# mount -t cdfs -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdfs
          [[email protected] /]# ls -l /mnt/cdfs
          total 0
          -r--r--r-- 1 ronsse ronsse 42973392 Aug 8 18:01 track-1.wav
          -r--r--r-- 1 ronsse ronsse 65164512 Aug 8 18:01 track-2.wav
          -r--r--r-- 1 ronsse ronsse 71743056 Aug 8 18:01 track-3.wav
          -r--r--r-- 1 ronsse ronsse 66940272 Aug 8 18:01 track-4.wav
          [[email protected] /]# sox /mnt/cdfs/track-1.wav -t ossdsp /dev/dsp
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          Paul Webster
          Author of "Now Playing" plugins covering Radio France (FIP etc), PlanetRadio (Bauer - Kiss, Absolute, Scala, JazzFM etc), KCRW, ABC Australia and CBC/Radio-Canada
          and, via the extra "Radio Now Playing" plugin lots more - see


            Alternative use LMS CDplayer plugin but only applicable if the USB CD player is plugged into LMS server is convenient for CD access and HT amp is connected to an SB player.


              Thanks a lot for all replies, and apologies for being slow myself.
              Basically I see that you confirm that it is not feasible in a simple way. I appreciate the suggestions of alternative solutions, but these go beyond the simplicity I was looking for.
              My motivation is that I'm considering a full renovation of my gear, with an eye towards ease of use. Probably I will keep a simple cd/dvd player, perhaps connected via HDMI or digital out.
              Sometimes it is useful for the occasional CD brought by friends, or when I purchase material which is not available on streaming sites (and I do not want to wait until I rip it).

              A side question: what about players which connect to internet and grab cover art and other info and make them available downstream? Do they exist?
              A practical example: I am thinking of purchasing the NAD M10. Would any such external player (if they exist), connected via HDMI, be able to display downloaded covert art, artist info, title, etc on the M10 display?

              EDIT: I'll probably keep my Touch connected to it. I do not think BluOS devices are visible from LMS?
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                Just seen the thread. You don't mention a price range for the CD. On the Marantz CD6007 (currently £399) the USB plays back the following formats. WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF and DSD files.

                There is no navigation possible, just save them in the root of the drive in the order you want to listen. I have the previous model, and never use this facility as the CD sounds very good, music files are better streamed via Touch.

                A streamer like Touch can only display what has been tagged to the files. Ripping and tagging is generally done on a computer with a CD drive and a ripping and tagging program, although there are specialist machines built to rip, tag and play music automatically - just insert disc.

                As an alternative to ripping and tagging your CDs , why not buy a decent CD player; your streaming can be provided by an RPI4 streaming Qobuz or Tidal to the Touch.
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