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Maloja Scobbler support with modified audioscrobbler plugin

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  • Maloja Scobbler support with modified audioscrobbler plugin

    Hi all

    It's been a while since I used lastfm and have of late been using maloja for my scrobbling needs

    With some recent support from the maloja dev and some testing on my part it seems we can now scrobble to maloja using our squeezeboxes

    Its not so user friendly more a proof of concept though if anyone is interested

    The file to edit is here for me on my slimserver docker -> /usr/share/perl5/Slim/Plugin/AudioScrobbler/

    I mount a local copy -> /mnt/user/data/docker/logitechmediaserver/ and make the changes to that local copy.

    Then make sure you are running maloja 2.10.1 and do the following;

    1) Edit the to include your maloja instance in the following format -> https://maloja_instance/apis/audioscrobbler_legacy/'

    2) Converting your maloja scrobble password to md5 hex (

    3) Copy paste an existing lastfm user in your audioscrobbler.prefs and rename it to maloja

    4) Replace password field with converted hex in audioscrobbler.prefs

    This should allow you to scrobble to your maloja instance.

    All the best.

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