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    Originally posted by MarkV74

    Using Spotty v4.0.3
    You should probably post in this thread :


    • Spotty not working on family members devices

      Thank you for developing the fantastic Spotty plugin.

      I am using the Latest version available of LMS 8.0.0 - 1591685001 on windows 10
      Using Spotty plugin 4.1.2.

      I have a Squeezebox boom, two raspberry Pi0 running Picoreplayer 6.x and a Denon-DRA800H amplifier.
      The Denon has native Spotify support the other devices are enabled for spotify using the Spotty plugin on LMS.

      I have a spotify premium account and i had enabled that account on the Spotty plugin and it all works well for my devices using my spotify account.
      When i use the spotify app on my laptop or phone all the devices are visible and work fine.

      I have a family spotify account and my children are registered using their own spotify accounts linked to my spotify family account.

      Unfortunately none of my children's devices can see any of the playback devices working via the Spotty plugin. They can only see the Denon which has the native spotify support.

      I tried to add their accounts on the spotty plugin but that did not help. The spotty plugin help says that an authorization will show up on the spotify app, however that never happened using spotify on mac osx, spotify on android or spotify on ios.

      Any ideas?