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    Originally posted by papypaprika View Post

    First and foremost, big thanks to Philippe44 for his great plugins.

    I have LMS installed on a debian jessie environment working well.

    I have one Airplay speaker working with Airplay bridge without any issue. I have another speaker with both Airplay & Chromecast capabilities (Marshall Stanmore Multi-room) which I can't manage to make work with Airplay bridge (while it works with Chromecast bridge).

    I believe that the speaker for which I have no sound with Airplay bridge connects properly to the LMS server (changing volume level on the LMS server seem to change the volume indicator on the speaker itself, also connecting to the iOS app of the speaker displays info on the track played), but no sound is played.

    Having encryption on or off doesn't seem to change anything.

    Issues is the same on a LMS server running on a laptop.

    Separately, I can Airplay music on that speaker when connecting iOS devices directly to it, so the speaker itself works.

    I attach an LMS raop log in case someone sees anything, as well as my configuration.

    Thank you for your help!!!
    I guess I have got the problem here with 3 Marshall devices. Did you fix it?


      Just in case if someone ist interested:

      My Marshall devices are working now. I played around with some settings in LMS. I don't know which one lead to success, but this is what I did:
      - LMS -> security -> switched from to 192.168.178.*
      - LMS -> unsecure HTTPS -> don't check server certificates
      - Airplay bridge -> Player discovery options -> added IP from LMS + Remove time out -1
      - Airplay bridge -> Airplay options -> buffer 3000 ms + connection timeout 45s

      Encryption and compression was already switched on.

      Restarted LMS, now it is working.