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All Relay Volume Attenuator with PiCorePlayer

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    All Relay Volume Attenuator with PiCorePlayer

    Hiya everyone, I am new to the forum, my first post here.

    I have recently setup PCP as a separate LMS and Squeezelite. The Squeezelite system has Allo isolator, Boss DAC and Relay Volume attenuator. I have realized that I will not be able to get the attenuator working with PCP due to the relay attenuator controller r_attenu_rpi.tgz not being compatible PCP unless perhaps compiled to .tcz extension. I have manage to get it working with dietpi, I am wondering - hoping that it is possible to get this working under PCP. The requirements for the attenuator controller to function is, Wiringpi, LIRC and Telnet, the controller is "r_attenu" - server and "r_attenuc" - client.

    Will anyone perhaps have any advice or assistance to offer in this regard, will be much appreciated.


      the controller is obtainable from and the source code from


        hi idm,

        I hope someone has done this and can help you.

        Just a couple of points:

        1. I note the source code is 3 years old.
        2. wiringPi has been depreciated.
        3. Things have been changing regarding IR and LIRC.

        Not much help I'm afraid.



          I've been working to get my Allo relay attenuator working today. I've gotten my old Apple A1156 remote working on LIRC and installed WiringPi through the extensions. I've got the git downloaded but I'm unsure how to install/use the r_attenu.c and r_attenuc.c. I've tried using gcc to install but just run into errors. Has anyone else been able to get their relay attenuator to work with pCP?

          Also, here's a link to Volumio's old implementation:
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            So I've finally stumbled upon an 80% solution. In short, I'm now using DietPi with Squeezelite/LMS and have control over the relay attenuator using my IR remote. Now I just need to figure out how to get control through LMS. If anyone can give me a hand here, I'd really appreciate it!

            If I get this fully solved I'll provide a write-up on how I did it.