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[SlimDevices: Jive] Accessing SqueezeboxTouch

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    [SlimDevices: Jive] Accessing SqueezeboxTouch

    Hey together,

    I am new to this mailing list, I am OS developer and I am interested in devoloping my own OS for the SqueezeBox Touch based on Linux/SqueezeOS.

    I don’t know how to flash the system. I want to replace the whole system so there shouldn’t be a opportunity to make a factory reset after this. I couldn’t find a hint on

    I think there aren’t much Os developers on this mailing list so please let me know if you have an idea where to get this information or how to proceed.

    Kind regards,


    Unsure how the interaction with the mentioned mailing list works, if even, but I was sort of playing with the idea myself to maybe use an abandoned Touch for a home automation project

    From what I can find the Touch is based on a Freescale iMX35 system with several hacks applied to it. What you will need to do is open it up and find the serial connector points (Rx and Tx) on the board, which are probably just measuring points, and attach wires to them. With a serial to USB cable (I recommend FTDI) you should now be able to communicate with the device using a remote tty (e.g. PuTTY or Minicom) and track boot messages. To break-in to the (red)boot process the Squeezebox svn repository hints that you should keep the tiny reset button on the back pressed for at least two seconds during startup (should probably read as you plug in power). You should be able to manipulate the flash content from there.

    Of course it would have been much simpler if the existing kernel had been compiled with kexec support. It may however be possible to compile this as a module and then you could boot into anything from any medium without needing to touch the original system.