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    Originally posted by mamema View Post
    Should work for testing purposes in an empty database but dbcreate.sql only runs if the table doesn’t exist so it won’t work in an existing installation that already have TrackStat installed. In a new plugin version you need to put this in a separate scrip that uses alter table to add the column. Compare with how urlmd5 column is added through the dbupgrade_urlmd5.sql script which is executed by the Perl code if the column doesn’t exist.

    Originally posted by mamema View Post
    Looks like you have a linefeed and an extra c in the middle of the query.
    Also shouldn’t the query check that file size is equal instead of not equal ? Thinking that you want to find entries with a non matching urlmd5 but which have the same musicbrainz id and same file size since this is likely a renamed/moved file. However, you need to verify it properly since you are the one that can run the code.
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      Hi Erland,

      the linefeed and double c was a cut'n paste issue between VI and github. Corrected, thank you.
      You're right, corrected the filesize query.


        TrackStat setting "Enable musicbrainz tags"

        In the current thread you are discussing possible changes to LMS that could solve some problems in TrackStat. Was any of those changes implemented? The reason I ask is the following question in another thread: