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    > Basically... you simply open a socket to it, and send it commands, one
    > line at a time. If you want an example, I suggest you check out either
    > Felix
    > Mueller's scripts (sorry... don't have a URL immediately to hand - but


    Thanks Felix! I followed Jules' advice and did a quick hack of your to feed my slimserver with a folder's content. You'll need
    perl to run this script! Installing slimserver won't be enough on Windows.
    It should run on Windows as well as on Linux.

    As I mentioned earlier in this thread it will only work, if the selected
    files are in the server's music folder. You'll therefore have to configure
    the script. There are four important variables to define:

    $localFolder: the folder where the file is stored from the client's view
    (eg. "m:/songs" on Windows or "/mnt/mp3"

    $serverFolder: dito. from the slimserver's point of view. Might be the
    same as $localFolder, if you're running slimserver on your local machine.
    If not, it must be the same value you defined in the slimserver's
    settings, eg. "/home/slimserver/files"

    $szServerIP: the slimserver's IP address
    $szPlayerName: your player's name as defined in the web-interface

    The latter two can be overwritten on the command line (handy if you have
    more than one player).

    With the above defined you should be able to feed your slimserver by
    running the script with the --file parameter. Play a single song:
    perl --file="c:/my music/somesong.mp3"

    Play all songs (recursively) contained in a folder:
    perl --file="c:/my music/Tony Levin/"

    The following registry key will allow you to add a folder. Please be sure
    to put the path to where you stored the script:

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Play on Sqeezebox\command]
    @="perl m:\\ --file=\"%L\""

    I don't know yet how to handle single files using a .reg file.

    Any comments are welcome. But let's move a discussion about further
    enhancements to the developpers list.

    Good night,



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