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'No Album' bugs in 7.6.1

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  • 'No Album' bugs in 7.6.1

    Just to get it into its own thread. I'm not sure if there's anything new here in addition to what Philip Meyer has been saying. What I see in 7.6.1:

    • The 'No Album' doesn't appear anywhere under Browse Albums. If the library stats on the home page indicate 100 albums, then there are only 99 albums listed when browsing albums.

    • The album does not appear under 'Various Artists' when browsing artists. It should be listed there.

    • The artists appearing on 'No Album' (and having no full albums in the library) are listed when browsing artists, even though 'Group compilation albums together' is set. Since these are artists that appear only on a compilation, they should not be in the artist list.

    • The 'No Album' is not returned when searching for the string 'no album'.

    In 7.5.6 it works exactly as it should:

    • The album appears when browsing albums and is contributed to 'Various Artists'.

    • It's listed as one of the albums of 'Various Artists'.

    • The artists from the album do not appear in the artist list when 'Group compilations' is set.

    • You can find it by searching for 'no album'.

    Database, 7.5.6 vs. 7.6.1:

    • In 7.6.1 the album.contributor column for 'No Album' is NULL, while in 7.5.6 it's set to the VA artist.

    • In both 7.6.1 and 7.5.6, album.compilation is '1' (True).

    • In both 7.6.1 and 7.5.6, the contributor_album.role for all contributors on the album is '1' (Artist).

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    I see this too now that I just added a no album/no artist/no genre track.

    It appears under Artists > No Artist (sort under N, which makes no sense to me from a Let Me Notice This point of view, as the verbiage "No Artist" is semi-randomly chosen).

    Settings > Information shows :

    Total Artists: 0


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      'No Album' bugs in 7.6.1

      Exactly. Thanks for that recap.

      In addition, when browsing to an artist, if they have songs not connected to an album, they should appear under "No Album", but only the songs on "No Album" performed by that chosen artist.


      Browse Albums > "No Album" or Browse Artists > Various Artists > "No Album":
      song s1 by a1
      song s2 by a2
      song s3 by a1, a2

      Browse Artists > a1 > "No Album":
      s1 by a1
      s3 by a1, a2

      Browse Artists > a2 > "No Album":
      s2 by a2
      s3 by a1, a2

      This worked well in 7.5.x, but not in 7.6.



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        'No Album' bugs in 7.6.1

        >Just to get it into its own thread. I'm not sure if there's anything new
        >here in addition to what Philip Meyer has been saying. What I see in

        So what is going to happen about these faults? I think it's very important, for me 7.6 is not useable without these things fixed (I'm still using 7.5, but testing 7.6 until I'm happy to move to it). Assume not 7.6.1 RC now.

        I tried raising a bug initially (17370), but it got set as a duplicate of bug 17364, which has now been closed as fixed, but only one aspect of the problem is fixed.

        Do I now re-open the bug (which I think is included in 7.6.1 RC) such that the rest is fixed post-7.6.1, or re-open my original bug, or create a new bug?



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          Reopen your bug.

          The duplicate setting was a mistake if they feel that the scope of the other bug was only the one problem of listing the 'No Album' for artists appearing on it.