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LMS 8.4 scanner log and scan-for-new

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    LMS 8.4 scanner log and scan-for-new

    Working with the latest commit a9f3bc231d68075eee1a9286ae73e0e647f0de04 I'm finding that the scanner.log file isn't being created or updated during a "scan for new", even when I have (scan) - All Scan Logging and the related settings all set to Debug.

    Again, this is just with the "scan for new" behavior. With a full wipe, the scanner log seems to populate as expected.

    Working as expected here. And that's certainly nothing which I touched recently. Would the rescan succeed? Or does it fail in some way?

    "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
    (LMS: Settings/Information)


      No, the scan for new is working as expected. I think there are two issues for me, and I don't think either of them are bugs, per se:

      1). With logging set to debug for everything related to scanning, a "scan for new", if there's nothing new to scan, emits no messages in the log, not even an "I'm scanning" info message.

      2). With an Album Artist who only happens to appear in compilation albums, that Album Artist doesn't appear in the browse-able list of Artists IF:
      Settings->My Music->Browse Artists is set to "Use single, configurable list of artists"
      AND "Composer, Band and Orchestra in Artists" are all unchecked
      AND Compilations->Group compilation albums together is selected.

      I.e. I think I've ended up with a lot of "orphaned" artists that can't be browsed to. I need to do some more testing to verify this.

      Since my whole library is composed of multi-track flacs with embedded cuesheets, I need to work out a script to iterate over the library and use metaflac to dump the cuesheets and count artists per flac. E.g.:

      NUM_ARTISTS="$(metaflac --list --block-type=VORBIS_COMMENT --no-utf8-convert "$FLAC_FILE" | grep -E '^[[:space:]]+PERFORMER' | sort --uniq | wc -l)"