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An old "friend" is back: Album split in 2 albums

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    Originally posted by mherger View Post

    I guess changing the album title of all tracks, rescan, change back,
    rescan, would "fix" your database without the need for a full wipe & rescan.
    Yes, I'm quite sure, too. This is the usual way I fix those issues if I see them - changing and changing back (or moving the whole album to a folder I call "quarantine" (even before covid was there ) scan, move them back, scan again).
    So my reports are not about fixing my database but making the scanner even better for all (and I hope I can contribute a little as "power user").
    (To be honest, this is a little selfish, too, for I can only fix issues by "changing - changeback" that I recognize. And in my database I guess I only recognize 10-20 % of the album that are affected by an issue )