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    Originally posted by cpd73 View Post
    ...well no ones raised a feature request for that yet...

    Disabled by default, you need to use Material's "Settings/Interface" dialog and enable "Extras". As per server settings, this just embeds the Classic skin with some CSS tweaks.
    Like dis.

    Click image for larger version

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      Originally posted by mherger View Post
      > Aha OK that has always bothered me. I have around 3100 albums though.
      > Maybe the others don't have coverart.

      Or they use embedded artwork?

      > Is there an easy way to check how
      > many have missing cover art?

      MAI has this feature. You'd find it in the web UI's (Default, not
      Material!) Extras menu.
      2342 coverart from scan + 751 albums without coverart = 3093
      Library statistics reports 3152 albums.
      Still an annoying difference.

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        Originally posted by mherger View Post
        > Remember the issues with daylight savings time changes on Windows? We
        > had a DST change over the weekend. You solved it for scanning the music
        > files, but apparently cover art still gets pre-cached again with a new
        > and changed scan.

        One more question: would you know whether these files were standalone
        artwork ("cover.jpg") or embedded into the music files?
        Those were all standalone cover.jpg files.


          Originally posted by cpd73;
          ...well no ones raised a feature request for that yet...
          Hereby requested